When meeting a stranger for the first time, it's often their skin that captures your attention. I firmly believe that in the realm of beauty, nurturing the skin surpasses excessive makeup.

I invite you to join us on a journey, leaving behind intricate cosmetic rituals. Let "AMAN SKIN" bestow upon you the embrace of dew-kissed skin, allowing you to radiate with the beauty of 'soft-boiled egg skin.'

In the sanctuary of skincare, I'm convinced that confidence finds its source. Even with a bare face, your unique allure shines, enhancing life's radiance. I'm committed to making skincare excellence accessible to all, and your support breathes life into why I created this brand.

As the guardian of this brand's vision, my heart brims with a passion for beauty care. I eagerly await to journey with you towards confident, ever-improving skin.


因此,我誠摯地邀請你加入我們的旅程,一同告別繁瑣的化妝程序,讓「AMAN SKIN」為你帶來細緻水潤的膚質,讓你擁有散發光澤的高質感「水煮蛋肌」。



  • 透過純淨的成分和專業的配方,AMAN 精心製作的解決方案旨在為所有皮膚類型、膚色、質地和成熟階段提供有針對性的恢復和滋養。

  • 在 AMAN 護膚探索之旅中,激發她更多地了解自己的皮膚以及如何照顧它。在經過多年來從護膚專家獲得的見解啟發下,以重新激活皮膚的內在潛力。

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